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Spring Run Club + Virtual Training Program

$59 Purchase required to enroll

Get Ready for the FIT4MOM VIRTUAL SPRING RACE - June 5th or 6th!

Whether you are new to running or you’ve completed several races, having the right training plan is crucial for successfully crossing the finish line. We want you to do more than just cross the finish line, we want you to have a great experience so you’ll continue.

How it works -

1. Sign up for the training program.

2. Your coach will contact you to set up your personalized training program for the distance you want to run (5K, or 10k).

3. You start your training.

4. Your coach will connect with you along the way providing training tips and motivation.

5. The weekend of June 5th & 6th go out and run your race from your front door or favorite running path. Take photos crossing the finish line and celebrate!

Your Training Program includes

1. A personal training program just for you.

2. Weekly Ready-Set-Go Warmups from your coaches to get you ready for your runs

3. Weekly running emails that keep you running strong and fueled properly.

4. Post-run stretching and foam-rolling guides and tips.

5. Access to your running coaches via a private Facebook group, texts or emails!

*Based on participant's availability group fun runs can be added to the program if there is a desire.
No upcoming schedule